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Schulenburg Realty, Inc. encourages Landlords and Employers to experience the power of TRAK-1. As a leader in screening and assessing risk, TRAK-1 offers Landlords and Employers the knowledge and tools to make confident, objective and consistent decisions.  CLICK HERE to SIGN UP TODAY

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About Randy Schulenburg

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Randy Schulenburg

Designated Managing Broker


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Schulenburg Realty, Inc.

201 Red Hawk Road Hampshire, IL 60140



Randy is not only highly qualified to represent you, but he is a pleasure to work with as well. His communication skills made the process easy to understand and he always had our best interest in mind. He has my recommendation!


Having dealt with residential real estate agents for many years, I have become accustomed with the middle of the curve, poor service.

Randy is way at the right side of the curve, he provides great service. I cannot recommend someone higher than Randy.


We were in a situation where we needed to move, but weren't sure where we wanted to end up. We were looking in a fifty-mile radius with some ideas that we were very specific about ("no laundry in the basement") and others that we really had no clue how to... (more)

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